We first met Crissy about seven years ago on the play-ground at Steele Elementary. Instantly struck by her positive presence and incredible style, we became fast friends. It is nearly impossible not to love this woman. She has started her own business and was happy to share with us her journey. 

Tell us a bit about how you started Shop Your Closet and what you were doing before taking this direction? 

My family and I moved to Denver from Chicago about eight years ago. At that time my boys were all littles so we settled into Wash Park getting to know the area and community. I was immediately struck by how diverse people’s careers were and their Entrepreneurial spirit. My neighbors were writers, chefs, artists, small business owners and more…many of which were second careers, started from a passion.

I have always loved fashion and have worked in retail on and off during my careers in marketing and outreach education but thought of it more as a hobby than a career. About four years ago I met Denver fashion designer, Dana Schoonover, at a party and was immediately drawn to her joyful creativity, amazing work ethic and ‘nothing is impossible’ mindset. We immediately hit it off and I began to assist her at Never A Wallflower. My strengths and passion were in styling and she encouraged my learning of styling photo shoots, creating content for social media and producing styling look books. Her confidence in me built up my own confidence to follow my passion. Last year I launched Sweater.Weather.Style on Instagram as a way to showcase my personal style and develop my message. I knew that I didn’t just want to be a personal shopper…I wanted to help people find their own style…through things they already had in their closet. Yes, that may involve suggesting a few additions to keep them feeling current or editing pieces that no longer serve them but overall I wanted to make their current closet feel exciting again…without a total closet makeover.

What role do you play in helping people define their style using what they may already have in their closet?

No matter what the size of your budget…every person looks into their closet at times and says “I have NOTHING to wear.” I like to go in with fresh eyes, making fresh pairings with new color, texture and style combinations. Even if your closet is filled with items from a past life…if you love it…I guarantee we can find a way to give it a current twist. Most of us hold onto clothing pieces because of some emotional connection…and that’s not always a bad thing. I may suggest some simple alterations to update pieces…from length, to shape to garment trims.

We can also review your ‘foundation items.’ No, I don’t mean your lingerie drawer, I mean the basic items of clothing that anchor your style. It is not the same for everyone and does not come from a cookie cutter list stating that ‘everyone needs’: a white tee, dark denim, trench coat and black pumps. YOUR basics may include a chic backpack, boilersuits and cowboy boots.

Finally, I can help clear out the clutter. We all love black tees but chances are you don’t need 18 of them. Jeans and sweaters are also closet space hogs. Removing the ‘meh’ will let your other pieces shine.

Where do you stand with regards to the important slow fashion movement?

After decades of fast fashion being the norm it is important for all of us to realize we can make changes for the better. I have always been a ‘shopper’…window and otherwise. I enjoy reading up on the current trends in color, shapes and design. As I’ve grown older my closet kept growing and I realized that ‘more’ is not ‘better.’ Editing my closet to figure out my own basics, I now try to make any new purchases really thoughtful. The majority of ‘new’ pieces I add are actually vintage. Vintage today is so accessible, a few of my favorites include the amazing Platt Park store, Common Threads and the luxury online vintage site, The Real Real.

What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

Social media has made a huge impact on fashion today…good and bad. Focusing on the good, it has allowed the “every person” to show off their personal style…all sizes, ages, colors and genders. Growing up with only fashion mags to dictate what women ‘should’ look like, social media has really torn down the walls of what beauty should be…and exploded with new voices showing what it can be.  I feel more body confidence now than I ever did in my twenties. Added years and weight have nothing to do with style. Style is a feeling you get when you feel like the best you, regardless of labels, budgets or ‘rules.’

Which celebrities (dead or alive) do you think have the best sense of style?

To me fabulous style comes from the physical manifestation of your personality. Be it classic, quirky, dramatic or minimal….style conveys how you feel about yourself and how you want others to see you.

Some of my favorites include: Carla Rockmore, Cate Blanchett, cast of SATC, Harry Styles, Zendeya, John Legend, Princess Di, Jacki O

Tell me about your personal style?

My personal motto is ‘Don’t save special pieces for special occasions.’ Faux fur for school pick-up? Absolutely! A lot of times we save our best pieces for ‘someday.’ I’m not suggesting you wear a ball gown to the supermarket but try wearing your favorite blazer over a hoodie, pair that gorg dress with sneakers and a denim jacket, fabulous pants with a sweatshirt…mix it up! I guarantee it will elevate your mood and raise your confidence.

You have four boys, and quite possibly one of the cutest dogs on the planet, how do you and your family spend your free time?

We definitely moved to Colorado for the lifestyle! Raising the boys near the Rockies has been amazing. Growing up in the Midwest the winters dragged but here we love skiing and even cross country skiing with Theo, our dog. We’ve been exploring our great state…trying to hit up all the national parks and taking dog-friendly car trips.

If you are like us, and could use help defining your style and organizing items you already own, reach out to Crissy via her instagram page @sweater.weather.style or 773-294-2197.