SEPTEMBER 14 – 20: Crush Walls – RiNo Art District CRUSH is an annual celebration of art, transforming the streets and alleys of RiNo into permanent, open-air galleries. CRUSH celebrates art, urban beautification, creativity, and culture by enriching our community through an arts festival like no other. We believe that public art leads to an improved community as a catalyst for safety, cleanliness, creativity, and conversation. Centered around empowering artists, CRUSH is committed to reflecting and diversifying the urban landscape and the unique voice of a community, bringing art out of the galleries and into the streets. Founded by Denver artist Robin Munro, CRUSH has been taking over the streets of the RiNo neighborhood since 2010. With a passion for graffiti and street art as well as his community, Munro aimed to create an event that showcases the amazing artistic talents he saw not only in Denver, but also across the world.  The RiNo Art District defines itself as a community “Where Art is Made” and CRUSH embodies this mantra celebrating the craft of graffiti and street artists who bring life to walls while maintaining the unique cultural identity in this rapidly evolving community. Instead of using walls to divide, CRUSH uses walls to unite!

THRU SEPTEMBER 20: NARI WARD: WE THE PEOPLE – MCA Denver Nari Ward: We the People features a selection of sculptures, paintings, videos, and large-scale installations from throughout Ward’s career, highlighting his status as one of the most important and influential sculptors working today. Since the early 1990s, Ward has produced his works by accumulating staggering amounts of humble materials and repurposing them in consistently surprising ways. His approach evokes a variety of folk traditions and creative acts of recycling from Jamaica, where he was born, as well as the material textures of Harlem, where he has lived and worked for the past twenty-five years. Yet Ward also relies on research into specific histories and sites to uncover connections among geographically and culturally disparate communities and to explore the tension between tradition and transformation. The exhibition includes several key early works, such as the large-scale environment Amazing Grace (1993), which Ward made and exhibited in an abandoned firehouse. In his more recent work, Ward directly addresses complex political and social realities that resonate on a national level, reflecting the profound changes gentrification has brought to his own neighborhood of Harlem and the increasingly fractured state of democracy in the United States more broadly. He uses language, architecture, and a variety of sculptural forms to reflect on racism and power, migration and national identity, and the layers of historical memory that comprise our sense of community and belonging. Nari Ward: We the People will bring together many of Ward’s most iconic sculptures alongside a number of works rarely seen since they were originally created. The exhibition demonstrates Ward’s status as a key bridge between generations of American sculptors and a vital advocate for art’s capacity to address today’s most urgent issues.

THRU OCTOBER 18: PHANTOM CANYON: A DIGITAL CIRCUIT – Denver Art Museum Journey along the circuit of balconies, landings, and stairs within the atrium of the Denver Art Museum’s Hamilton Building to discover the 15 digital artworks that make up Phantom Canyon: A Digital Circuit. A moving image is comprised of a series of still images, shown in rapid succession, to produce the illusion of fluid motion. The afterimage—or ghost—of one picture stays in our eye for a fleeting moment allowing our brain to merge it with the next. When we see action on a screen, it’s created through a succession of blended phantom images. Each of the artworks on view depends on the afterimage to create the appearance of movement. As you discover each of the 15 digital artworks in Phantom Canyon, perhaps this space will feel more like a canyon filled with scenic stops that offer a glimpse into each artist’s imagination.

SEPTEMBER 10 – OCTOBER 24: ANNA KAYE: HEATWAVE – Sandra Phillips Gallery Artist/activist Anna Kaye exhibits new work addressing environmental issues affecting  planet earth. Heatwave includes charcoal drawings, watercolor paintings, projections, and video. Schedule a private viewing with Sandra Phillips and Anna. You can call or email for an appointment. Sandra Phillips can be reached at 303-931-2991 or 

THRU SEPTEMBER 26: FOUR CONCURRENT SOLO SHOWS – Space Gallery Featuring new work by Ramon Bonilla, Joshua Enck, Rebecca Rutstein and Frank Martinez. Exhibition runs: August 21st – September 26th. Space Gallery – 400 Santa Fe Drive. 303-993-3321


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sideways to New Italy Fans of Rolling Blackouts C.F.’s The Go-Betweens-indebted, jangle-pop-tinged guitar-rock will find themselves on familiar ground on Sideways to New Italy. The band continues to grow, excelling at their characteristically propulsive rock while making room for more emotion-imbued softness and nuanced instrumentation to shine through, a natural progression that quietly slips an arm around the listener, rather than grabbing them by the lapels.

Hinds The Prettiest Curse Every Hinds record, since 2016 pairs perfectly with warm, sunny days spent driving on beachside highways with the windows rolled down, even when they’re singing about loneliness, breakups and the neverending quest for hugs and cuddles. 

Fontaines D.C. A Hero’s Death It’s hard for rock bands to build up the same amount of attention for their second album, especially with a group that embraces styles of the past, but Fontaines D.C. chose an approach that many artists would find unthinkable—they deliberately attempted to destroy listeners’ original impression of the band. Fontaines D.C. sound far gloomier, both sonically and lyrically, but also more mature and pointed. 


AVAILABLE NOW: Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything – Netflix On I Love Everything Patton Oswalt seems about as well-adjusted as he’s ever been. He’s always had the ability to take personal anecdotes and observations and turn them into long, increasingly hilarious stories with a larger ring of truth and a tinge of the absurd, and that’s still true on I Love Everything.


THRU OCTOBER 22: The August Virgin – Virtual Cinema at Up-and-coming Spanish filmmaker Jonás Trueba’s new film, The August Virgin (La virgen de agosto), is a perfect summer movie, an Éric Rohmer-esque love letter to Madrid and affairs of the heart. Eva (played by the film’s co-writer, the luminescent Itsaso Arana) is about to turn 33. Her decision to stay in Madrid in the sweltering month of August, when most of the city’s inhabitants flee, is something of a leap of faith – she’s in search of herself and her own life. The neighborhoods around her are bursting with traditional Saint’s Days parties and celebrations, while she encounters a series of old friends and lovers, and meets some new ones. A former boyfriend who still pines for her, a young mother who Eva’s lost touch with, a sexy Welsh guy with a thing for anti-fascist songs, a Reiki therapist who wants to align her female energies, and a new possible love interest, are just a few of the characters that fill her month of revelations, regrets and discoveries. The August Virgin is the journey of one woman, a dreamy, sensual summer story of delayed coming of age, dancing in the streets, and good conversation. With music from and an appearance by well-known Spanish singer Soleá Moreno.

AVAILABLE NOW: Amulet – Virtual Cinema at AMULET follows Tomaz (Secareanu), a former soldier who is left homeless after an accident and takes refuge in the decaying home of Magda (Juri), a lonely young woman in desperate need of help as she cares for her ailing mother. At first hesitant, Magda soon welcomes Tomaz into their lives. But as he gets closer to and begins to fall for Magda, Tomaz notices strange and unexplainable phenomena. Something seems very wrong with the mysterious old woman who never leaves the top floor, and Tomaz begins to suspect that Magda may in fact be a prisoner to her otherworldly bidding.

AVAILABLE NOW: Carmilla – Virtual Cinema at Isolated from the outside world, fifteen-year-old Lara (Hannah Rae) lives in seclusion on a vast country estate with her father and strict governess Miss Fontaine (Jessica Raine). Late one evening, a mysterious carriage crash brings a young girl into their home to recuperate. Lara immediately becomes enchanted by this strange visitor who arouses her curiosity and awakens her burgeoning desires. This atmospheric coming-of-age tale is inspired by the 1872 Gothic vampire novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.

SEPTEMBER 18: Antebellum – Watch On Demand Successful author Veronica Henley (Janelle Monae) finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it’s too late. Antebellum is a terrifying new thriller from QC Entertainment, the producer of the acclaimed films GET OUT and US, and groundbreaking directors Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz (Bush+Renz) an exciting new voice in filmmaking.


AVAILABLE NOW: A Little Escape: Short Film by Wonderbound – The immense 1950’s barrel roofs above our heads at 40th Avenue are a sight to behold. The sweeping white curves reminded me of a vast ocean, and it is this majestic landscape that inspired A Little Escape.  Chimney Choir’s music provided a multifarious musical landscape to create a quirky and slightly off-kilter tale that will hopefully provide an experience that is welcome at this juncture—a little escape. In addition to being a brilliant choreographer, my husband Garrett is a marvelous filmmaker. It is thanks to him that this film was possible.  A Little Escape was filmed June 2-10, 2020. Watch >>


SEPTEMBER 12: 31st Annual Friendship Powwow at the Denver Art Museum – DAM Online Event One of the Denver Art Museum’s longest running events, this year’s Friendship Powwow will be streamed virtually on the DAM’s Facebook and YouTube pages. Hosted in collaboration with members of the local Native community, we are excited to accept national video dance submissions for the first time ever for 14 categories—including the teen’s fancy shawl, women’s jingle, men’s grass and the golden age categories—where the winners of each category will take the full prize. While not competing for prize money, the tiny tot category will feature a video montage of submissions highlighting future champions. 11am-3pm

SEPTEMBER 13: Mayu Sanctuary Pop-Up Market for BIPOC Owned Businesses – 1804 S. Pearl St. Come support and celebrate local black, indigenous, people-of-color-owned businesses at a pop-up market with food trucks and vendors at Mayu Sanctuary. (Face masks and social distancing required.) The market is hosted by Mayu Meditation Center. Take a tour of the space to learn more about what we offer and how you can get involved! Open House and Tours are from 10am to 12pm.

SEPTEMBER 14: Telling Your Story (SAGE) – Online Event This is a supportive storytelling group for older adults (age 50+) that welcomes writers with any level of experience, including beginners. The sharing of life stories is a very rich and rewarding undertaking.  Memories are stimulated, connections are made, and meaning is given to how we got where we are – both individually and as a community. Whether you choose to write or tell your stories aloud, your history is worth sharing. We’d love for you to be part of this wonderful and enriching experience–join us. Contact Reynaldo Mireles, Director of Elder Services, at / 303-951-5222 or Kerry Duran

SEPTEMBER 24: Declutter Your Space – Free Your Spirit – Online Event Has the intensity of quarantine made you want to run screaming from your home? Do you long for a home where you can relax, play and be productive? If your vision seems unattainable due to clutter and disorganization, you can get professional support at an unbeatable price. None of us knows what the future will bring, so why not create the home of your dreams this year? In this 12-week transformational experience, you will be a beloved member of a community. The learning sessions are on alternate Thursdays from 4:30pm/6:00pm. To learn more, schedule a no-obligation confidential video chat with me at:

SEPTEMBER 29: You Can’t Unfriend Everybody – Online Event In conversations about politics today, a range of issues like gun control, or discussions of white privilege and other forms of oppression, have you ever wanted to “unfriend” people? As core perspectives and experiences divide us as a country, it is even more important to be able to stay in conversation with people and to engage in civil dialogue, even if they are contentious interactions. This interactive session from The Conflict Center will focus on a variety of ways that we “unfriend” people and review facilitation skills we can use everyday – such as reframing resistance, listening deeply, and navigating triggers – to stay “in conversation” instead. Join us for this FREE community event. This workshop is part of our “Electing to Create Opportunity from Chaos: The 2020 Election Series”.  Registration link:

OCTOBER 8: Colorado Ballot 2020 – Online Event Join Active Minds for an objective review of the current initiatives and referenda on the Colorado statewide ballot this fall. We will review each proposal, presenting the arguments on both sides. We will also review the referendum and initiative process in Colorado, including its history, pros and cons, and significant legislation that has resulted from this process in the past.  12pm -1pm. Register >> 

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