(pictured above: The Humphreys Family)

This month we want to introduce you to our friend and pediatrician Sarah Humphreys. We have been bugging her with midnight freak-out texts about head injuries, fevers and allergic reactions for five years. Never once has she made us feel like crazy people. For that and so much more, we appreciate you, Sarah.

How long have you lived in Wash Park?  

We moved to Denver in July of 2004 and bought a small bungalow on South Gaylord. We came to Denver for two days over Easter weekend to buy a house and visited 21 houses in one day!   In 2007, after searching several other neighborhoods for homes to accommodate our growing family, we decided to make Wash Park our forever neighborhood.  We “popped the top” in 2007 and I can’t imagine we would ever move!

Perks to living on Old South Gaylord?  

Old South Gaylord is one of the main reasons we decided to stay in our home.  We love the flexibility of being able to run down the street for a meal, drink, or even a haircut!  Sometimes I feel that I could just live only on one street!  We love to pick up a treat at Devil’s Food, have a nice happy hour at Homegrown or Tavern, and I do SO much of my gift shopping at many of the Wish Stores.

When did you know you wanted to be a pediatrician?  

Honestly, I initially thought that I would want to be anything other than a pediatrician because I didn’t want to upset the babies with vaccines or scary exams.  Once I started my rotations in medical school, I knew it was the right choice for me.  I LOVE watching my patients grow up and getting to know their families.  In some cases, I feel like they are part of my family.  It is wonderful to be such an important part of my patients’ lives and (hopefully) they look forward to their visits with me.

Favorite memory at Sapphire Peds?  

There are so many, but I really enjoyed the designing  and moving to our new office last fall..  I am so proud of how much the practice has evolved and that we have such wonderful employees dedicated to providing a small, family feeling.   We now all have a space of our own and a new fun décor.

Favorite things to do in the neighborhood?  

Wash Park is obviously one of the main draws.  I truly love the sunny afternoons in the park with families picnicking and playing sports.  We love all the wonderful restaurants and hangouts, and all the gorgeous trees.  We visited in 2003 and immediately were drawn to Wash Park.  We were so lucky to come across our home in 2004.  

Can you share something about yourself, most might not know? 

I can recite the entire script of Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 back and forth in my sleep.

Thank you for playing along, Sarah. We feel so lucky to have you as our neighbor, friend and pediatrician!