We had the chance to sit down with one of our Wash Park neighbors, Monique VanAssche-Dermer, Principal and Creative Director of Mad Studio, strategy + branding + design. Not only is she a bad ass business owner, but she is a dedicated mother, wife, friend and overall good human to know.

How long have you lived in Wash Park? Perks of living across the park?

Almost 20 years. I moved here with my husband (then boyfriend) whom I met while living in Chicago. I fell in love with Wash Park the moment I saw it.

Aside from having the world’s best backyard in my front yard, I love the vibe of the park–especially on warm weekend days. I can enjoy my morning coffee while watching the Furry Scurry. I’m kind of a city girl by nature but enjoy a yard and a place for my kids to run and play. Wash Park gives me just the right blend of urban and suburban. Retail and action with a healthy dose of the outdoors. It’s turned out to be an amazing place to raise a family as well and the community is incredible.

You are one of the lucky ones who gets to work on Old S. Gaylord St. Tell us about Mad Studio. How did it all start? 

My blissful 10 min walk to the office is not something I take for granted.

The bustling block is a com-munity within the community. We enjoy all it has to offer from restaurants to unique boutique shops.

Mad Studio started when I was ready to transition from big agency life.  I wanted to work with people and companies who are trying to make a difference and I wanted to work on only the “good work.” The projects that excite me. I started the studio in my home while we started our family.  As demand grew, I developed a network of talent in the small but excellent category.  Over time I outgrew my home office and moved to a brick and mortar space and hired some dedicated talent.  My first location was on S. Pearl Street and then Gaylord.  It has been truly fun and rewarding to build relationships with young start-up companies to larger established brands and impact growth together. Learn more here>>www.mad-studio.com

We love supporting women owned businesses like Mad. Who are some of your favorite local companies?

Blackbird Media, Wish (all 3), Ninni & Foffa’s, Relevant goods, Decade and Missy J’s, just to name a few.

You strike us as a woman who sucks the marrow out of life. What would make the best day in Denver?  

The beautiful thing about Denver is you can choose from a variety of epic experiences – on any given day. To choose between golf or snowboarding on the same day is a gift and some days a very, very hard decision.

I like to mix it up. I’m game for anything. Always looking for something new.

I would ideally start with a run around the park, coffee in my hammock swing, breakfast with my family and then we set off on an adventure around town or a hike in Boulder until we lose daylight. Being a foodie I’m always on the lookout for the latest hot spot. Rino, Lohi and Sobo never disappoint. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to find me catching some music into the wee hours of the day either. Again, Colorado serves up more than just a good craft beer and amazing meal, the music scene is not to be taken for granted. In short, there is simply not enough time in the day to fit in all of the fun that surrounds us.

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