We met Ed eleven years ago and to know him is to love him. He made Wash Park his home almost twenty years ago, so chances are you have seen him around the park skate boarding with his dogs.  

Word on the street is that you’re an awesome snowboarder who is dedicated to searching for the perfect pow pow. What are your top 3 places to board and why?  

Why thank you, but if I may digress a bit, I’m actually somewhat cautious and quite analytical when it comes to riding, I take the time to map out my line, especially in the trees and side/back country.  It really helps with the confidence and has no doubt contributed to my longevity in riding with few ‘serious’ injuries.  But anyway, getting back to the question that I’m reluctant to answer.  I’d be divulging the best kept secret in CO.  Have I piqued your interest yet?  Well, it’s all about the storm totals and I don’t mind driving farther out than the majority to avoid the crowds to get it.  Steamboat always seems to sit at the top of the heap when it comes to snow totals.  It’s my spirit animal.  A very close 2nd is Crested Butte when the storms come in from the south.  Not to mention, both resorts have the best Après ski. Jackson Hole was a bucket list destination up until this season.  Now it’s going to be a regular if I can manage it. The snow and terrain are the true definition of awesome.  It’s not your grandmother’s ski resort.  

What’s the secret finding the best powder on the mountain? 

There are many ways to find the Holy Grail. My personal fav is skiing the Trees (with a buddy of course).  Watch out for tree holes Mull. I personally feel safer in the trees away from the Gapers anyway.  Also take a hike.  Go off the beaten bath.  The farther you go, the better your chances of finding untracked snow.  Don’t go too far though. Stay inbound unless you know the area.  I can’t stress that enough.  It’s easy to get lost and wind up on the wrong side of a ridge postholing waist deep trying to save your bacon from an expensive and embarrassing rescue.  If you do follow anyone, follow a local or better yet, go with someone who knows. Stick to the north facing mountains. Less sun equals more pow. Other more expensive options include skinning, snowshoeing or become a sledneck and take me with. Get avi gear, learn how to use it and learn the lay of the land. If you know the mountain well enough, you can find anything you want.

Everyone down here is over the I-70 slow jam. What is your secret for avoiding the rush?  

The best way to avoid the rush is go during the week whilst the majority of flatlanders are working.  Unfortunately, that’s not an option for us.  When day trippin’ I-70 on a normal weekend, leave the hood by 5:20am.  Holiday or XGames weekends even earlier.  Once you get there, find a cafe, have breakfast, fill up with gas, map out your lines.  Breakfast PBR and seat warmers are the best way to pregame.  You’re also in perfect position for 1st chair on a pow day.  Hot Lap the stashes 10-15 times by noon and head back if I’m trying to get back early.  Try and leave before 12:30pm to avoid the rush back.  If you have the time, Après ski at your favorite place and head back after 6-7pm.  

When you’re not on the hill, you and your family foster animals. Tell us about this. How can others get involved?  

Actually, my family does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to fostering.  I just reap the benefits of their company and hopefully give the animal a better chance to get adopted by giving them a chance to live in a home where they can be socialized with humans and other animals.  We personally go through the Junior Foster Parent Program with Denver Dumb Friends League.  It provides an opportunity for our kids to gain experience with the responsibilities of caring for a variety of animals.  So far we’ve fostered puppies, kittens, guinea pigs and rabbits.  Right now we have a mother cat (Cleo) giving birth in the basement.  What?!  It’s overwhelming right now but so exciting and rewarding.

Your passion for boarding is only matched for your deep appreciation for music. When did you start playing bass?  

It actually started with guitar 30 years ago and switched to bass as my primary instrument about 20 years ago when I moved here to CO.  There’s no shortage of guitar players but never enough bass players. So I started playing bass.  I noticed a bass and bass rig at a jam session just sitting there lonely staring at me so I picked it up and started plucking and was hooked.  You can do so much with the instrument and it’s so important in the chemistry of the band, especially in Funk.  It’s down right fun and expressive to create and play.  Percussive, rhythmic and it’s what you dance to.  So very fortunate to have this passion in my life.  At times music saves me from myself and helps me be present.  You can’t improv without being present.

  What three albums do you take with you on a deserted island?  

That’s a hard one.  I’m a music junkie.  Love anything with a soul that pulls an emotion out of me.  We actually went to a rather deserted island recently and I took Medeski Martin & Wood – The Dropper, Vulfpeck – Vollmilch with us.  Tedeschi Trucks Band – Live From The Fox Oakland has been in heavy rotation so that rounds out the 3.  If the island is not deserted then it’s a PARTY!!!  I’m bringing Zepplin II, LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening and The Meters – Look-Ka Py Py.

Where is your favorite local venue to catch live music?  

There are so many venues to choose from within a stones throw.  I love the Theatre circuit. Just the right size.  Intimate but not too Intimate.  Bluebird, Ogden, Gothic, Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom & Cervantes’ Other Side are all great.  If I had to pick a fav, I’ll go with Cervantes.  Most of the bands I follow play Swervantes. 

Secret is out that you are also a foodie who is a master in the kitchen. What inspired this craft? What are your favorite dishes to fix the family?  

I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed. I’m kind of a one trick pony when it comes to cooking.  Green Chili, Gumbo, Waffles, Wings and the occasional Pizza is about all I do.

When did you find yourself rooted in Wash Park? 

1999.  Most of our friends lived in the same area so it was a no brainer.  Combine an abundance of super fun lowbrow watering holes and a ton of like-m´inded friends (lots of which were musicians), sign me up!  I can remember many fun nights at Ogden St. South, The Spot, Cafe Cero (It’s something else now) and Herman’s Hideaway,   

What are your favorite ways of enjoying our neighborhood?  

The reality is that I’m knee deep in life, like most, so there’s not much time to enjoy the moment. I suppose that should change.  I do skate the park with the dogs every so often although these days it’s frowned upon so I stick to the side streets mostly. The occasional imbibing and feasting at a local watering hole.  Wash Park Grille has been killin’ it with live music.  Sweet Action and all of SoBo is great. Still has that charm. 

Thanks for spilling all of your secret tips for avoiding the rush on I-70 and we’ll see you on the hill!

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