April in Wash Park offers a snapshot of what’s to come. Irises and tulips have fought their way out of the ground and tempt us to plant other flowers. It is a month of rebirth, full of promise and possibility. 

Having lived in this neighborhood for over twenty years, we have found that April has been falsely accused of being the unpredictable month, but April, in fact, is the calm before the storm. April is the month of preparation. Preparation for the busy end of school year activities, graduations, and travel plans. It gives us a glimpse of the warmer days to come. April allows us to reflect on the cold winter we endured but also, fills us with anticipation for all that our community has to offer. Our neighbors come out from hibernation and our streets feel alive again.

In this issue we introduce you to people you may have passed by on Old South Gaylord St. without knowing they were inventors, skilled photographers or wood craftsmen and metal-smiths. 

We remind you that our Annual Wash Park Home Tour is coming up in May. This neighborhood event never fails to bring together our friends and neighbors to make an impact for a good cause. Rain or shine.

And finally, the gift of all gifts. In this issue, my mother shares her famous recipe for green chili burritos. Use it to wow your family on Cinco de Mayo, or any old Sunday night for that matter.

Happy Spring!

Your neighbors – Sam and Shaleen DeStefano

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