May is full of crazy social media driven holidays like No Diet Day, Clean Your Room Day, National Mimosa Day. The list goes on and on, but above all else we have World Maternal Mental Health Day and Mother’s Day. If you peek inside this issue you will find not one but two articles centered around motherhood. This hits a chord with me directly since I have three kids all in very different stages of life. What I want all of you moms to know is this; you are not alone in your exhaustion, fear of failing, and need for space. Balance is what we are all striving for, yet some days it seems like an unattainable goal. Guess what? It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to rest. I think these are concepts that we are just now finally allowing ourselves to grasp. What took us so long? We are not mothering like our mom’s mothered. We have decided somewhere along the line that it is ok to juggle 568 things at one time all while comparing ourselves to the mom at pick-up who looks like she completely has her shit together. Chances are, she probably doesn’t. We have put so much pressure on ourselves and now it’s time to step back and remind one another that even if you only had time to feed and hug your kids today, you’re doin’ alright. You are seen and you are remarkable. Happy Mother’s Day !

Your neighbor – Shaleen DeStefano

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