Page 5 has, since the beginning, been our platform from which we can deliver you a personal message. And at issue 43, we remain so grateful for even the idea of a conversation with you, our friends and neighbors. Since March, many of you have reached out personally, to thank us for continuing to deliver Urban Life Wash Park to your doorstep. You have told us that the art and stories of positivity are helpful right now and this is beyond inspiring to us. 

This month we feature the thoughtfully beautiful work of “Spray Their Name,” a movement created by local artist Thomas Evans and Miami-based artist Hiero Veiga.  The art of this powerful duo, has given a voice to these lives that have been stolen. By now Elijah, George, Breonna, Ahmaud, and Bella have become household names. The locations of these murals throughout Denver have become places of solace for the grieving by immortalizing the faces of these dear souls. It is our hope that this issue acts as a reminder for the work we need to continue. 

The rules are simple: Be Anti-Racist, Wear A Mask, Be Kind to Your Neighbor, Listen and Learn. And, at the end of the day, continue to find beauty in the often overlooked, during these dog days of summer. 

Sending you peace and health. 

Your neighbors, 

Sam & Shaleen DeStefano