Clark Richert in hyperspace celebrates the work of one of Colorado’s most important artists. MCA Denver’s major retrospective exhibition presents the breadth of Richert’s oeuvre while highlighting the specific aesthetic and philosophical questions that have informed it for more than fifty years. The exhibition reconciles Richert’s paintings with his work at Drop City by tracing the conceptual through-line that runs the length of his career. It explains how his ongoing interest in dimensionality—the characteristics of and relationship between one, two, three, and higher dimensions—has shaped his approach to art-making from the outset. Richert’s curiosity about dimensionality was informed, in large part, by R. Buckminster Fuller’s ideas. The exhibition demonstrates how his concern with the tension between two and three dimensions, specifically in painting, and geometries that suggest the existence of dimensions beyond those with which we are familiar, underpins his entire creative output.