MARCH 24 – APRIL 4 – Dairy Block

29 lives, a special art show for younger collectors created by Annie Decamp, is the next pop-up art exhibit to grace the Block. The exhibit will be open March 24th through April 4th. The goal is to encourage younger collectors – those age 29 years and under – to learn about art through direct communication with artists, and to encourage them to buy original art by offering them a minimum of 29 percent off all pieces. Discounts will begin at 29 percent for those age 29 and under, with some artists offering much deeper discounts. Artists participating in 29 Lives include Denver artists Michael Dowling, Forge, Cody Kuehl, Annie Decamp, Juan Usubillaga, Jen Starling, Jessica Davis and Javier Badel, along with Canadian sculptor Edward Henley and German painter Thea Moreno. Find the 29 Lives show in the 1821 Blake Street space in The Alley.

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