OPENS MARCH 20 – Mirus Gallery

Mirus Gallery presents two concurrent exhibitions by Cutty Up and Popsition press opening March 20, 7-10pm. The exhibition is FREE and open to the public through May 2, 2020. Poposition Press designs, paper engineers and self-publishes pop up books with popular visual artists. Founded and run by Rosston Meyer, Poposition works with contemporary artists to create pop up books out of existing or new work. Mirus will present a group exhibition featuring both pop up creations by Rosston as well as originals by the artists he collaborates with including Skinner, Jim Mahfood, Mike Giant, Junko Mizuno, Kristen Liu-Wong and More. Concurrently Mirus Gallery presents a solo exhibition featuring Jamie Molina, also known as “Cutty Up,” a visual artist, sculptor, and muralist based out of Denver. Molina focuses on characters that are inspired by his New Mexico roots, that also highlight in his folksy style. Each piece created by Molina is a humble representation of his notable style. The exhibition will feature both new original paintings and immersive installation. 

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