“Everything is on fire, but everyone I love is doing beautiful things and trying to make life worth living, and I know I don’t have to believe in everything, but I believe in that.”  – Nikita Gill

This poem so accurately delivers our current state of mind. If you’re paying attention, everything continues to feel heavy. And this heaviness can cloud our vision to see the good. But the good is out there and we hope to remind you of this within these pages. The people of Denver continue to make beautiful art, find creative ways to live more sustainably, feed their hungry neighbors and collect moments of vulnerability, tenderness and joy. Each month we feel lucky to have found more people choosing to make a difference with their work, art and intentions. We don’t see this changing anytime soon and it’s this reality that warms us. Wishing you a Happy February.

Your neighbors, 

Shaleen and Sam DeStefano