Ewa (pronounced Eva) of AWE is a neighborhood gem. Her brick and mortar at 1929 E Kentucky Ave. is a place for health, wellness, relaxation, all things skin care, acupuncture and massage. We had a chance to sit in her brightly lit space and dig into her journey and passion.

Can you tell us a bit about your formal education and how you decided to work in skin care?

I went to school to become an aesthetician and I thought I’d learn Chemistry, which wasn’t the case. What it did lead to was the realization that I had a passion for simplifying skin care for clients. I also have a degree in business marketing which led into being a service technician, while also lending to a creative component. I’ve had a ton of post-formal education training to learn how voltage is directly responsible for your health, such as frequency medicine.

For people that have not yet visited AWE, what can you tell us about your services and mission?

My goal is to teach people that skin care is not complicated. I want to provide the services that people can’t do on their own. I also want to educate people about the practices they can do properly on their own.

When it comes to washing our faces, I’m a big fan of using OUR HANDS and fingers. Tools are helpful but can often remove us from the experience of noticing our skin’s texture, color, sensitivity. The look, feel sense of skin can be important indicators about the body.

I’m also a firm believer in cleaning your face twice a day. Use your oil cleanser or face wash to really cleanse the skin for 30-70 seconds. A large part of skincare is allowing the products enough surface time to work. People don’t generally wash for long enough to get the ingredients to bind with surface dirt, like bug poop, auto fuel fumes, garden dust, makeup and the skin’s natural oil to lift off the days yuck. There needs to be movement on the skin’s surface. This would be like putting toothpaste on a tooth brush and not moving it around. I want the skin to get exercise. Move the cleanser around so it can do its job!

I’m also big on sharing my knowledge. So, I perform skin care audits. My services focus a lot on rejuvenating skin and routine maintenance. I also provide more extensive treatments like dermaplaning, micro-needling and chemical peels.

It’s a confusing industry, with a ton of social and often times mixed information. I work to simplify your routine establishing the basic needs: Cleansing, exfoliating, exercising, regenerating, maintenance, nourishment and protection.

My mission is for my clients to feel confident in their skin. I hope to be the agent to their skin care needs for the things they cannot or shouldn’t be doing on their own, much like a hygienist is in dentistry. I see things clients can’t see. If it’s about skin – I’m all in.

Can you tell us about the BioChargerNG and how it pertains to wellness?

Over 90% of our day is spent indoors, blocked from nature’s vital natural energies. This lifestyle, combined with exposure to visible and invisible toxins like pollution, water, and electronic devices, can lead to a deterioration of our health. I got into bioenergetic medicine, because it allows me to work on a inside cellular level to down regulate the nervous system, inflammatory gut issues etc. I wanted to expand my aesthetic reach to do more cellular work. The BioCharger is a stand-alone service that can be used during a facial, acupuncture or massage. There are 1200 different frequency and energy recipes to ease daily irritations, boost energy, enhance mindfulness, and perform at the highest level. A few examples might be surgical recovery, scar tissue repair, sports endurance and recovery. The BioCharger produces an electric and magnetic field that helps with healthy cellular function by making the cell membrane more permeable to absorb nutrients and detoxify. I’m happy to discuss what session would work best for you.

You are not originally from Denver. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the active and diverse city of Arcadia, CA (southern California suburb of Los Angeles). I spent my childhood immersed in after school activities around arts and crafts in adjacent city of Sierra Madre.

After high school I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to pursue and complete my college degree in Business at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

During college I met a dude and this relationship’s growth brought us to Colorado to venture into the uncommon career of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (referred to as “alternative medicine” back then). The initial move to Boulder from college wasn’t ideal for commuting, so I moved to Denver and purchased my home in Washington Park, in 1995.

What would you like to share about yourself that most people don’t know?

For a short stint I rode a motorcycle and am licensed to drive. What an incredible feeling of freedom BUT the elements and bugs sometimes smacking me in the face didn’t seem consistent with aesthetics (and after I changed out my own battery, realized I didn’t want another thing that required a mechanic).


What can we expect from AWE in the future?

I’m excited for another introduction of a bio-hacking technology at my office. I was the first in to introduce and mix Aesthetics with the BioChargerNG for the background of understanding how light energy (RED LIGHT THERAPY- known to stimulate collagen production and blue light therapy to destroy acne Bacteria) and now I’m excited to further delve into lymph drainage Beyond the facial treatment of the jet peel device I currently use and provide which focuses on facial lymph while this new device is whole body lymph stimulation – exciting!  Skin care is health care!

When you’re not at AWE, how do you spend your free time?

I have a variety of things that I sprinkle into my out-of-sight AWE time. I enjoy getting to the mountains and day hiking with my boyfriend. I love to visit a variety of my favorite coffee shops in my neighborhood such as Devil’s Food, Steam and a little out of the way, Unravel Coffee. I can wander there by myself for community feel while being productive, but mostly this is my connection time with friends. I enjoy walking the neighborhood and am eager to uptick my walking to the stairs at Red Rocks to get my physical aesthetic movin’.

Lately, I love finding rocks and painting them with mixed images with playful things and more and more with specific frequency numbers to highlight the ones I use often with my advanced device of the BioChargerNG. For example, 528hz, 888 hz, 174hz. Painting the numbers and charging the rocks with energy, is an additional way to share and introduce how frequency, vibration, harmonics inspire the body to function optimally.

Here’s a tip: pay Ewa a visit and give the mother figures in your life, a gift certificate for one of her many services. Learn more at