Planning to sell your home this spring or summer? Get a head start by making good choices which can make a major impact with your experience and the bottom dollar.

Timing is Everything. List sooner than later. Being early has its benefits and “The early bird catches the worm.” Too many people wait until May or June to list their homes. The last few years have proven to be a feeding frenzy of contracts being written in April and May. By the time June rolls around the market has slowed and people start lowering their prices. Also, with the potential mortgage rate hike it’s a good idea to be out there before we get another bump in the rates.

Price It Right from the Start. Even as a Realtor I have a tendency to inflate my own home’s value because I wish it were true or because I need X dollars for something unrealated to the actual marketplace. I recommend pricing it on the aggressive side of realistic. This maximizes sale price without becoming stigmatized by over-pricing.

If Price is King than Condition is Queen. You really must see your house through the eyes of a potential buyer. Be realistic and work hard to make sure your home’s condition is relative to the price. Ask your Realtor® to show you the competition so you can be the best deal out there.