Bill McAleb is our Wash Park neighbor, but you may recognize his name from signs around town. He is running for the Republican seat for House District 6. We are happy to introduce you to him!

Hi! I’m Bill McAleb… a retired 40-year executive business leader. I live in Wash Park on Gaylord Street, a block and a half down from the historic Gaylord Shops. I grew up in El Paso, Texas and at a young age, was surrounded by friends of different races and ethnicities. You see, the area of El Paso that I grew up in was essentially adjacent to the US Army’s Fort Bliss Military Base and children from the base attended the public schools I attended. Understanding that we were all different was evident, but all we cared about was enjoying being friends, respecting and caring for each other. It was this early exposure to diversity – learning how words and deeds of others impact people – that has served me well in both my personal life, as well as in my professional career. 

We in Colorado are blessed with abundant resources, beautiful vistas and a superior quality of life. That is certainly the case experienced by my family and I when we came to Colorado in late 2000 from the Gulf Coast. We were in search of professional opportunities and an attractive wholesome family lifestyle in which to raise a couple of kids. We were absolutely delighted to find that and more here in Colorado.  

I, and particularly my best pal and wife of now 35 years – Kim, remember our trip to visit Colorado. It was on an interview trip in late September, September 21st, 2000 to be exact. We woke up to a blizzard, not unlike the recent snow fall on September 8th of this year. We looked at each other and Kim said, “we’re not moving here!” It wasn’t but a couple weeks later, I was packing up and headed to “Colorful Colorado!” After I had an opportunity to “scout out the territory,” the family was soon on their way as well and we have not looked back!

I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso. Because I come from a natural gas pipeline family, naturally, after graduation, I found myself based in Houston working for a global energy engineering and operations company as a refinery process designer. That position quickly grew into a supervisory position with the offshore construction, operations and drilling segments of the company. One thing led to another and I soon found myself working for a similar company in New Orleans, as an outsourced executive and supervisor to a number of international energy companies, while pursuing additional graduate degrees in Engineering and Business Administration at Tulane University.

In the mid-1990s, after stints working on trading floors and building a couple of offshore development and production companies, my career again turned, this time to business consulting; providing energy regulatory policy, expert witness, market analytics and merger transaction services. A place where I played out the second half of my career. 

The success I enjoyed in business can be distilled into three common denominators – INNOVATION, TRUST & TEAMWORK. In my business career, I was known as someone that can see solutions that eluded others, a Solver of Problems, a Promoter of Innovation, a Coalition-Builder, in short – a FIXER. As a result, problem solving challenges me to improve every day!

Now, I am running for the Colorado House of Representatives in District 6 and look to bring a career-full of experience and insight that honors the will and desires of the voters to the legislature. Colorado needs a balanced approach that is focused on protecting the wonderful Colorado Way of Life that we all experience and enjoy. 

I’m not a career politician, but what I can promise is Integrity, Transparency, Commitment and Approachability…

With respect to my stance on the issues: 

• I am for increased freedom, smaller government, less regulation and lower taxes

• Just as living within our means in each of our lives, I am for the Taxpayer Bill of Rights that requires Colorado to operate within its means.

• Hydrocarbon products touch many parts of our modern-day life. Shutting the “valve off or stopping mining operations” tomorrow will have an immediate, insurmountable impact… Let’s recognize the current limitations of energy technology, embrace energy innovations of all kinds as they become economic and forge a reasonable, balanced “living” Energy & Environmental plan that grows ever better over time.

• Over recent years, administrative growth of the Board of Education in Colorado has eclipsed, by at least, 2X the growth in student population…I am for finding innovative ways to deliver enhanced funding where funds are truly needed – to the classrooms.

• I support parental rights and freedom with respect to making all decisions related to our children.

• Finally, we must pay attention to the maintenance of our infrastructure to ensure the continuation of the great economy and to the exceptional quality of life we all enjoy.

To learn more about me, our campaign, my stance on issues, and how to support and get involved, please visit our campaign website at