We are privileged to introduce you to our neighbor, Erik Neusch. Erik has a passion for law and  has proven to be a relentless and effective advocate for his clients, fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. We were lucky to gain more insight into Erik’s journey.

You just made a major career shift. Tell us about how this evolved.

I started my own law firm this year after 9 years as a prosecutor of financial and consumer fraud at the Colorado Attorney General’s office. I always wanted to use my law degree to help others, take on challenging cases, and make an impact. I was fortunate to have a position where I could actually do it. I had the privilege of leading a team of dedicated investigators and lawyers in the Attorney General’s consumer protection section in cases that led to the recovery of the most victim restitution in the history of consumer protection cases. I’m passionate about helping people and my time in public service was the most rewarding professional goal I could’ve hoped for. I started my own firm because I wanted to use my experience and approach from government prosecutions of complex cases to help individuals and businesses in an efficient way that is not always possible at larger law firms. I truly love this new role as a private lawyer and knowing that clients need someone who will fight for them, whether in business disputes or defending government investigations. It was definitely a leap of faith to leave a comfortable career I loved, but I did it in large part because I wanted my son to see what it means to follow your passion and never give up.    

I would love to know more about your time as a civil prosecutor for the Attorney General. From what we’ve read, it is clear that you are a complete badass.

We achieved some great results for the people of Colorado because I worked with an amazing group of lawyers, investigators, and staff that were committed to helping people. We also took on powerful interests that fought back hard, but my team was fearless and bold, which is what you need to be successful. We stopped numerous fraudulent schemes before they caused an even bigger problem and returned millions of dollars to victims. One of the best memories was randomly encountering a fraud victim who started to cry and told me that we got her money back and nobody helps people like her. It reminded me why I did that job—to help people like her.

Philanthropy is a thread woven into your work. Are there any local nonprofits that you support?

I recently completed mentoring an at-risk youth to ensure he completed high school and attended college. I am passionate about supporting nonprofits which help kids who do not have an active father in their lives and to show them the importance of education and pursuing your dreams. My son is extremely fortunate and I want to help others who do not have the same opportunities as he does. With returning to private practice, I am interested in working and supporting a broader group of nonprofits in our community.

We often see you with your son walking your dog around the streets of Wash Park. How long have you lived here?

I have lived in Wash Park for 18 years when I moved from Boulder after graduating law school. I love the beauty of the houses and the park is a gem of the city. Our neighbors are engaged and active and I’m grateful to live in such a beautiful part of Denver.

What is your favorite aspect of Denver life?

I feel that we live in a true community where you can walk to restaurants and bars, meet your neighbors on the street and in the park, see live music minutes away. Denver is a vibrant and beautiful place. 

When you are not practicing law, how do you fill the spaces in between?  

I escape to the mountains whenever I can to hike, mountain bike, and snowboard. It is hard to beat the feeling of watching my Lab jump into a mountain lake. 

Thank you Erik for giving us insight into your creative and skilled vision. Your enthusiasm for life in and outside of your work is infectious. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. If you would like to learn more, please visit www.neuschlaw.com.

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