Imagine not knowing where you’ll find your next meal. Sadly, for many of our neighbors, this heavy concern, is a daily reality.

1 in 10 Coloradans worry where their next meal will come from. These are people you meet every day – those with low wage jobs, children, seniors on fixed incomes, those with health issues. Surprisingly, the homeless represent only 10% of the food recipients at Food Bank of the Rockies. Nearly half of the food they distribute feeds children.

Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR) is the largest private hunger-relief organization in the state of Colorado. Founded in 1978, FBR was known as the Colorado Food Clearing House. Operating from a 900-square-foot schoolroom in Northwest Denver, the fledgling organization collected bread from a nearby Safeway store, their first food donor, and distributed it to Little Sisters of the Poor, their first partner agency.

Today, FBR has extended its reach across Northern Colorado, providing food and supplies to more than 500 hunger-relief programs. 

Since 1978, FBR has provided more than 567 million meals for people in need. Last year, through their direct service programs and partner agencies, we distributed nearly 60 million pounds of food, enough to provide more than 131,000 meals each day to children, seniors and families in need. FBR is a member of Feeding America.

FBR has a staff of 112 employees at warehouses in Denver, Wyoming and the Western Slope. Additionally FBR has a pool of more than 23,000 volunteers, who last year donated more than 136,000 hours of time – the equivalent of 65 full-time employees!

FBR’s Board of Directors, a group of dedicated men and women, volunteer their time and expertise to oversee all areas of the operation.

They run an efficient organization, to say the very least.

Less than 4 cents of every dollar is for administration. 96 cents of every dollar contributed goes towards food distribution. And every dollar they receive provides four meals for our hungry neighbors. 

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