Where did the summer go? Wasn’t it yesterday that we were offering ideas of how to make it epic? Did you get it done? We don’t like being the bearers of bad news, or champions of the obvious, but here goes . . . ’Back to School’ items are filling the shelves. Articles regarding the “Best Leaf Peeper Hikes of Colorado” are circulating social media. Soon you will be seeking the best Halloween costumes and we will once again be reminded that winter is coming. Do not go gently into the fall. It’s not too late. If you’re looking for last minute getaways to round out your summer nicely you’ve got four different directions to go.

North: August 21st marks the day that America will fall under the path of a total solar eclipse. If two minutes of darkness during the full eclipse is your thing and not some watered down version, head to Casper or Jackson’s Hole,  Wyoming which both fall clearly in the path of totality.

South: Let’s start close to home with the Amigo Motor Lodge in Salida. This newly renovated boutique motel has

60-year-old  bones, where modern furnishings meet minimalist design. The property is complete with a tee-pee, hot tub, sun room and ridiculously adorable yet subtle hipster vibe. The owners live on location and are eager to offer recommendations on all the must sees in this charming mountain town.

If the smell of fresh roasted hatch green chile and  immersive art experiences sound enticing (why wouldn’t they?) head further south for Santa Fe and don’t skip Meow Wolf. This art collective offers an indescribable experience unlike any other.

West: Get in the car, let five hours speed by and take in the brilliant landscapes and outdoor adventures of Moab. You will find the perfect temps in this desert landscape just before fall.

East: Not much to see here except a long ass flat drive. Our heart lies in Santa Fe, but we are open to suggestions! No matter where your path takes you, greet Autumn with a feeling of satisfaction.

Your neighbors – Sam & Shaleen DeStefano