Welcome to the March issue of Urban Life Wash Park!  It¹s a great time of year that is filled with the excitement, promise and aspirations that go hand in hand with the coming of spring. As always, we are overwhelmed with how many cool things are happening around town and in our community. And March definitely will not disappoint.

In case you didn’t know, March is the Month of Photography (MoP). This movement was started by local photographer and artist Mark Sink. Living in Colorado, you know by now that there is never a shortage of  photo-worthy moments.

For many of us, the passion for photography began in the dark room. We are lucky to have had the experience of getting our hands wet and actually developing our own film. Oh, how things have changed. In the age of Instagram, photography has evolved into a medium offering instant gratification. While we have fond memories of anxiously waiting for our film to develop, we can’t say that we don’t love the fact that we can now freeze a moment in time and share it instantly.

As each year closes we find ourselves sifting through countless digital images looking for the winning pics to put in the holiday photobooks. Actually, it has become a bit of a competition at the end of each year and we argue over who took the BEST shot. (Of course, I generally win, but we both make an attempt at the crown.)

The month of photography is a great reminder for us to take the time to recognize the magic that can happen in a moment. And, as the photo above teaches us, we should take a closer look and realize that there is beauty in the ordinary.

Your neighbors – Sam & Shaleen DeStefano


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