After extensive research, we have yet to find the word for those of us who have a fear of camping. Is it because it’s that uncommon? I mean, whoever invented “glamping” has got to know the answer right? Tell me you have never been laying in your tent, late at night, wide awake while the rest of your family is sound asleep. You can hear the wind restlessly winding through the forest and occasionally smashing against the side of your tent like a crashing wave. Everyone but you, is still happily sleeping. Then you hear a stick break. “What the hell was that?” you ask yourself. You realize the only logical answer is that it has to be a mama bear and you’re about to meet your maker.

Okay, this is getting serious. How can everyone be asleep? Should you wake them up? Another stick snaps, and then another, it’s getting closer. The wind picks up. Oh, and let’s not forget that even if you wanted to, you couldn’t sleep soundly because you’re $9,000 sleeping bag from REI isn’t doing the trick to keep you warm and you’re pretty sure there’s a boulder resting perfectly underneath your right side. You’re holding your breath now . . . awaiting the bear or wolves to rip through the side of the tent and drag you and your sleeping bag helplessly into the forest. And all of this while your outdoorsy friends sleep soundly under the stars of a summer night in Colorado.

No? Okay, so maybe this has never happened to you. And don’t get us wrong, we love ALL the other aspects of camping. Roasting marshmallows, hiking, campfires, fishing, breakfast beer . . . so the point is you have to get out there and explore despite whatever it is that holds you back.

Don’t let anything stop you from drinking in all that Colorado has to offer this summer. And if a bear actually drags you away from your tent in the middle of the night, at least you can say that you lived! Plus, major bragging points for the coolest death ever. Happy June!

Your neighbors – Sam & Shaleen DeStefano

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