Well, we’ve officially made it to the half way mark of the year. To some this may conjure feelings of anxiety if you’re the glass half empty type, and others may take this news and find that it we still have plenty of time to fill the spaces of the in between. June for us will always represent feelings of nostalgia. Summer break, means a shift from daily routines, to moving from day-to-day with a bit more flexibility. While work will most definitely not be on hold, we will take the opportunity to explore this gorgeous state and all it has to offer. Here’s a few ideas to get your summer started in and outside of Denver. If you get a minute, we hope you check these places out.


Inside this issue you will meet a fellow Wash Park neighbor who has so graciously designed the perfect cabins tucked away in the sweet little town of Grand Lake. We can’t wait to check them out and give our kids a glimpse of small town life for a while. Fishing, canoeing, biking and bingo, the makings of a perfect mountain getaway. 


We have our grill fired up pretty much 300 days out of the year in Colorado. But when we do venture out, we tend to hit up Gozo for their ridiculously good brussels sprout salad (I know what you’re thinking—but it is seriously off the charts) and then Sweet Action for their famous Stranahan’s Whiskey Brickle. 


We have a habit of seeing a lot of movies in our family. But during the summer months, we love hitting up an outdoor flick at Infinity Park, or Red Rocks. Infinity Park will be playing Princess Bride on Aug. 12th and you can count on the audience to get involved with all of the famous lines. “Stop rhyming I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?”

These are a few of our favorites. Write us and tell us yours!

Happy June! 

Your neighbors – Sam and Shaleen DeStefano

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