It was a great pleasure connecting with so many of you after publishing our inaugural January issue. We are astonished at the outpouring of support and excitment for the magazine. It was fun to see the impact of our community pulling together like family.

After the excitement settled from the first issue’s trials and tribulations, we immediately found ourselves back at the drawing board working on the February issue. We asked ourselves, “what’s happening in February?” That, of course, is a no-brainer . . . Valentine’s Day. Good! Got it. When we were considering interesting calendar content, we came across the Basquiat exhibit at MCA Denver, which then sent us reeling into our own past. You see, almost 20 years ago when we were young kids in love, we found ourselves abroad traveling in Venice, Italy. It was a magical and romantic time in our lives.

Ironically, you would think that floating around the waterways in a gondola would be the thing that would strike us as our romantic memory of Venice. But it wasn’t. It was the fact that we were looking for something less cliché to do and that’s when we stumbled upon an out-of-place Basquiat exhibit. We were so excited. What a way to spend our afternoon, celebrating an incredible, avant-garde and free-spirited artistic New York talent in Venice.
So here we are contemplating ideas for the February issue and we are reminded that you don’t have to be on a gondola in Venice to experience the romance of life that is all around us. The romance can be found all over our beautiful state, city and neighborhood, because it is up to you to decide how you look at life. So this month enjoy the Basquiat exhibit and whatever else makes your heart beat!

Your neighbors – Sam & Shaleen DeStefano