“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai

By now, you’ve seen no less than fifty first day of school photos in your feed. And your kids and grandkids are back in the swing of another school year. The timing is right for us to say thank you to the dedicated educators and staff of our neighborhood school, Steele Elementary. This was the first year in fifteen that we didn’t walk to the blue front doors to drop off one of our kids. It still feels impossible to believe that our time at this historic art-deco building filled with Allen True murals and compassionate staff, has finally come to an end. I couldn’t bring myself to post a sappy goodbye on social media the last day of school in June.

Instead, I walked away teary-eyed and completely in denial. This is the place where my firstborn learned to swing. All three of our kids faced their fears and braved the stage for every talent show and play. Our youngest learned to ride a bike in the field. They met their lifelong best friends here and so did we. Above all, they became lovers of learning. What a gift. The garden, teachers and families at 320 S. Marion Parkway, make this school a home. Steele is like a warm hug, so for all of you new families just starting elementary school, you are the luckiest, enjoy every minute.

Your neighbors, 

Shaleen and Sam DeStefano