A new decade is full of potential and anticipation for positive change. There is something very special about the number 2020. What it is exactly, we have no idea. Maybe it’s the symmetry of the number that gives it a ring of positivity. 

Many people are talking about approaching the new year with 20/20 vision, a clear intention to move forward with less judgment and an open heart. And this is something we can get behind. If you’re on social media, or even if you stumble onto Nextdoor, it doesn’t take long to find people arguing over seemingly small issues. We’d love to see less of this in the new decade. It is our hope to see a shift in tone, from divisive to inclusive. Neighbors helping neighbors, with an overall sense of kindness. This isn’t a challenging resolution, 

but rather one that leaves you feeling empowered and optimistic as opposed to inadequate or incapable. 

Our hope for all of us is that we strive for process over perfection. The truth is we are all evolving, and it is a process. Perfection can be the enemy to evolution because, with perfection, there’s nowhere to go. Wherever you are in your evolution is simply where you are on the ride. So give yourself a much needed break, there is no time for self-diminishing thoughts. Be kind to yourself and others, as it will be so much more rewarding than losing those five pounds.

Here’s to a brand new decade! 

Your neighbors, 

Sam and Shaleen DeStefano


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