Posole, or hominy stew, has been a traditional dish for both Indian and Spanish cultures for centuries. Growing up we always had it at Christmas time and my mom has always been the one who makes this hearty stew. I asked her about her process so I could share it with you, and well, let’s just say, I had to piece this baby together and adapt it from several places. She, like most true cooks, doesn’t follow a recipe. So cut yourself some slack and feel free to use this as a guide. You can’t really go wrong when you’re working with these delicious ingredients. Keep in mind that this recipe has two parts that need two separate pots.

Ingredients & Instructions for Posole portion

2 pkgs. frozen posole (easily found in the freezer section)

12 cups water (for best results use half chicken stock)

2 teaspoons salt

1 tablespoon coriander seed

4 cloves garlic

7 oz red chili powder (use to taste, depending on the level of heat  you can handle – Bueno brand can be found in the freezer section)

Rinse posole in cold water. Place all ingredients in large pot. Boil mixture until posole kernels burst open (3-4 hours).

Ingredients & Instructions for Meat portion

4-6 lb pork shoulder roast

6 cloves garlic

12 cups water (for best results use half chicken stock)

7 oz red chili powder (or to taste)

2 tablespoons salt

1 teaspoon oregano

Cut pork into 1-inch cubes. Boil ingredients in large pot until meat is tender, about 4 hours. Pour cooked posole mixture into meat and simmer for 1 hour.

Once combined, ladle into bowls and top with shredded cabbage, lime, cilantro, onion and thinly sliced radishes and serve with warm tortillas. Don’t let the fact that this is a time-consuming process deter you from giving this recipe a try. Posole is a heartwarming dish meant to be enjoyed at a large gathering, and I hope it becomes a tradition for you and your family as well.