Let me start by saying, that this is hands down, the easiest Fall dessert you will ever find. My Granny Wanda was not one to take shortcuts in the kitchen, so I imagine this was a nice one for her to keep in rotation. Since apple season is here, this is a favorite in our house and this recipe is beyond versatile. You can use any apple you prefer, Honey-crisp, Fuji, Pink Lady, Gala, Braeburn . . . you get the idea. If you want my honest opinion, the best apple of choice for this dessert are Granny Smiths, because their tart flavor perfectly complements the sweet topping. I normally peel my apples, but if you want to leave the skin on, more power to ya. And probably more vitamins to ya as well. 

Bonus: this makes the entire house smell delicious and tastes great the next day with a cup of coffee. I’d refrigerate it if you have any leftovers, and you probably won’t, but in the event you do . . . pop it in the fridge.


4 cups sliced apples

Topping Ingredients

3/4 cup brown sugar (packed)

1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup oats

3/4 tsp cinnamon

3/4 tsp nutmeg

1/3 cup butter (softened – and I use salted)

Place sliced apples in a glass casserole dish. Combine all topping ingredients together and crumble on top of the apples. Bake at 375 for 30 min. Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (this step is required).