THRU JUNE 10 – Visions West Contemporary

With a tongue in cheek look at the complex nature of the American West, Stuckey reflects on the primal attraction of the West and its role in everything from fashion to music to advertising to film. offering an updated twist to the cowboy genre, Stuckey references historical masterworks like David’s Napoleon Crossing The Alps and  Ingres’ Grande Odisque, tethering his work to a broader art historic tradition. Stuckey is recognized for tackling the cliches of the west with a fresh, insightful, and often humorous voice. He gives the viewer a western swerve that strikes a moment of realization that western imagery is still how Americans want to be seen.  The fascination with cowboy lore is a constant undercurrent in pop culture and style. Stuckey offers a satirical take, poking fun at the empty romanticism of Western ideals. The popularity of Western themes and the ease with which they are recontextualized.