Are you ready for it? The avalanche of holidays that is upon us? Having survived Halloween there is no turning back now. But you still have time to prepare for a healthy and low stress holiday season if you follow a few simple rules.

Stay Focused on Nutrition

Try not to allow yourself to fall victim to overeating or indulging in sweets and candy every day just because it is available. Check out this tip from Pearl Street Fitness owner, Laura St. John,  “Family, food and fun are all part of the holiday season. Go with an approach of 85% healthy, mindful choices and 15% fun. When you create a plan that weaves in the fun, you get proactive and can look forward to a glass of wine or piece of pie completely guilt free.” Removing temptation from your house is a great way to target your 15% fun to parties and gatherings. One tip, if you haven’t already done away with excess Halloween candy, consider donating it to Operation Gratitude, they ship candy overseas to deployed soldiers. Wash Park Chiropractic will be collecting candy (and other donations) through the end of November to ship off.

Just Say NO 

You may get asked to volunteer, cook, host or attend all kinds of events this holiday season. Remember to pace yourself and only commit to meaningful events with enough time in between to fill up your ‘giving’ tank. Perhaps put things in categories and choose one event that involves volunteering your time to help others, one school festival or party so that you have time to attend family events and maybe even host one yourself! You may also find other ways to give without devoting too much of your time.

Don’t Go Overboard

In the age of Amazon and keeping up with the Joneses we can feel pressured to overextend ourselves during the holidays. Whether it is gifts for the kids, travel, party outfits or holiday decorations, be careful not to break the bank. Stay true to what works for your family.

Stay Organized

Go old school. I recently started using a paper planner to help with my to-do list. Yes, paper. Try breaking your to-do list up over the course of a week. Write each day what you hope to accomplish and by the end of the week you’ll be surprised how much is checked off your list!

Go new school. Electronic calendars are awesome for staying on top of your schedule. But they can also be great for staying on top of your spouse’s, parents’ or kids’ schedule, too! Simply invite the others to events you want them to be aware of or sync your entire calendar to avoid miscommunication when making commitments.

Speaking of Amazon, check out the ‘Wish List’ function at to keep track of what everyone in your family is wishing for. Much like a baby or wedding registry it is a handy tool for organizing gift lists. Bonus – you can put things on that are not sold on Amazon too! You can also share these lists with grandparents and other family members to avoid duplicate giving.

Keep Your Fitness in Check

It is no secret that during the holidays fitness routines can slide big time. Plan for this ahead of time. If you are normally a 4-5 day a week exerciser, plan ahead to at least get in three days during full weeks. Another great tip is to participate in one or more of these fun Thanksgiving Day Wash Park Events to keep you motivated: the Turkey Trot at Wash Park at 10:15am is 4 miles around our favorite park, Crossfit Wash Park’s “Clean Your Plate WOD” at 9:00am where no experience is necessary for this all-level workout.

Remember What It’s All About

The whole idea behind staying organized, healthy and thoughtful through the holiday is that when it comes time to celebrate, you are left only to celebrate with family and friends. Enjoy the moments with your parents and children and don’t stress about anything.