When our Wash Park neighbor, Austin Dempers (pictured on the right) first reached out about her self-defense classes coming to Wash Park, I knew we had to tell her story.

How did Warrior Womxn come to be and what is your mission and vision?

Warrior Womxn: Self-Defense & Yoga came on the scene in 2019 as I began to see the lack of spaces where all Womxn could be in their whole, raw and beautiful truth. Self Defense can be intimidating and Yoga can be inaccessible. We decided to cut all of that out and offer accessible, trauma-informed self-defense and yoga classes through a mind body approach. Our mission is to empower and support women through the non-linear path of healing so they can embrace their inner warrior.

Your self-defense & yoga classes will soon begin in Wash Park. What can we expect?

Yes! We are offering a two week series at Wash Park, Saturday 5/29 and Saturday 6/5 from 9-11am. 

Wherever you fall on the experience scale you will be supported by our extensive background in Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Yoga and Mindfulness. We begin by connecting with our minds and bodies through journaling, meditation and gentle movement while discussing the ways our body responds to stress. We then learn foundations of self-defense such as, punches, kicks, fight stance and incorporate those movements into ground defense, falling safely as well as additional tools for a wide variety of situations. We end each class guiding our bodies back into a restful state (and a little dance party.) Warrior Womxn provides an authentic, safe, supportive and empowering environment for you to thrive and feel confident with your extensive knowledge of self-regulation and self-defense tools to add into your already amazing tool box. There will be fun giveaways, drinks and snacks donated from local businesses! All of our offerings are beginner-friendly, ages 12+ and open to those comfortable in a setting that centers women.

You can find more information and tickets at our website: warriorwomxn.com

What can you tell us about your Fire + Root Collective?

My favorite question to answer these days! While starting Warrior Womxn I learned There are 360,699 Womxn that live in Denver County. Pre COVID 1 in 5 Womxn have been sexually assaulted. On average, Denver PD receives 160 calls related to domestic abuse each month. 1 out of 8 Denver residents have reported multiple days of depression each month and yet there are 0 Trauma informed Womxns Wellness Centers in Denver today. 

Fire + Root Collective is Denver’s founding, trauma-informed Women’s Wellness Center set to open early 2022. And we are so excited!

At Fire + Root you will find a variety of movement offerings such as, Yoga, dance, barre, kickboxing, self defense and more in addition to wellness offerings like massage, cupping, EMDR, talk therapy, acupuncture, pelvic floor care and everything in between all from local women-owned businesses operating within the Fire + Root container. We offer advocate services that support Women with things like housing, navigating the legal system, child care etc. We’ll have a cafe space for you to hang alongside other badass women, as well as, sustainable products from local women vendors. We are creating the new standard for Women’s Wellness with our trauma-informed approach to supporting, empowering and giving back while creating true equitable professional opportunities for all Women in this industry.

How can the Wash Park community support your small business?

Thank you for your support with this feature – I truly feel so grateful for this community! We would love to see as many fierce Women at our Wash park series to learn some empowering self-defense techniques as well as how to support your body through stress.

I’m sure all of your readers know, building a business is tough! All of our incoming funds and donations are going towards Fire + Root Collective so we can continue to support as many women as possible while creating an empowering ripple effect back out into the communities we serve.

Your support allows us to build a physical space for Women to thrive and allows us to continue to offer free and donation-based offerings to Women experiencing intimate partner violence, homelessness and scholarship spots to our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ members.

What can we expect from Warrior Womxn in the future?

As our perspective of the world, as we know it, continues to shift I am grateful I have built a business-based on the resilience of Womxn. We will continue to have pop up Self-Defense & Yoga opportunities in parks and other event spaces across Colorado.  In the very near future you will find us at our home base, Fire + Root Collective opening in Denver in 2022. 

We know the world is ready for a space that values empowerment, giving back and equitable professional opportunities as much as we do. We definitely know it’s time for the movement and wellness community to become accessible to Women of Color, of all abilities, Women in the LGBTQ+ community and Women that wouldn’t otherwise have access to spaces like this. We are from Womxn for Womxn. We are trauma-informed. We are a safe space for all your wellness needs. We are accessible. We are a conscious brand not afraid to speak our truth. This is my passion and we will never stop holding and creating space for Women everywhere. Denver is just the beginning.

If you are interested in supporting in any way, you can reach out to Austin@warriorwomxn.com or visit warriorwomxn.com.