After living in Wash Park for over 20 years, you begin to take note of its small town feel. My world got even smaller when I realized my close neighbor was the famous Ladybird Poppy. Even smaller still, when I found out we went to the same high school in Castle Rock.

You’ve been crafting floral designs for 18 years. Can you tell us how your journey to Ladybird Poppy began?

I applied for a handful of jobs in high school and Castle Pine’s Florist & Greenhouse hired me on. I had no previous experience in the floral industry and for years it was “just a job.” I became close friends with the owner’s daughter, and continued working there after school and on weekends. Putting in hours in the greenhouse gave me a green thumb without even realizing. After working at Castle Pines for about three years on and off, the designers realized that I had an eye for it and encouraged me to design. I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go. I decided to go the medical route for college, but continued working for floral shops on the side. It wasn’t until I worked at the Inverness Hotel in 2008, that I realized I really enjoyed designing. There was a point in time that my employer recognized that my designs in the hotel always received rave reviews. She encouraged me to pursue the industry, paving the way with workshops, classes and networking opportunities. Unfortunately, in 2008, when the economy crashed, we both got laid off. I had no idea what I wanted to do. Since I didn’t technically have a designers certificate, I was scared to continue in the industry, not wanting to start at the bottom, again. I threw the idea out of starting my own business and with the love and support of designers, family and friends, I chose to take the leap and Ladybird Poppy launched in February of 2009.

I continued working for other shops around town, to gain more design experience and later worked at the Brown Palace Hotel, as a lead designer. This pushed me to get designs done quickly, under pressure and without much thought, due to their high demand in floral, everyday. I soon realized that designing brought joy. My business continued to grow and I decided to go full time in 2013.

When did you move to Wash Park?

I moved to this neighborhood exactly 2 years ago, November.

We are in love with your out of the box designs. You have a unique way of styling floral arrangements, what sets you apart?

I’m definitely drawn to color, texture and depth. I try to design based on conversations with my clients and create based on their personality and style vs designing the same over and over again. I can’t seem to steer away from incorporating, at least one interesting bloom or foliage in every design that goes out the door. Designing is very therapeutic for me, so by loving what I do, it inspires the designs, that much more.

Do you have a favorite event or memory that you’d like to share with us?

I have so many amazing memories, in this industry. The one that pops out today is when I designed for a friend in California on a lavender farm. It was so gorgeous with the rows and mounds of lavender surrounding the ceremony and huge trees and twinkle lights hovering over the reception.

Ladybird Poppy is more than just floral arrangements. Can you tell us about your classes?

Yes! While focusing primarily on weddings and events and local deliveries, I also enjoy teaching workshops. This is a place where you can privately have me teach you and your friends floral design or attend a class with others in the community. I offer Floral Design 101 + 202, Floral Crown, holiday decor (think wreath, garland, swags, centerpieces) and open for suggestions with anything else floral. Check out the calendar under workshops at

What is something you can share with us that we might not guess about you?

I’m a native, haven’t moved out of Colorado. My great grandparents owned the Historic 17 Mile Farm, in Parker. Family roots are deep here, which seems rare these days.

How do you spend your free time when you’re not creating at Union27?

When I’m not designing away, you can find me listening to music/podcasts, poking around the garden, entertaining any one of five nieces/nephews, venturing out for hikes or happy hour with friends and traveling to other countries.

We are so glad you listened to your gut and followed your calling Sarah!