Chances are you have a neighbor with a great sense of style and every time you visit their home you grow a little Greenery (2017, Pantone color of the year) with envy. Effortless design is something most of us want, but find it hard to actually pull off. We sat down with Ashley Daignault, owner and principal designer at Ballard Design Studio, to gain some insight about how a designer approaches a new project.

Ashley spends her days out and about at various shops or sitting in her studio, complete with an accent of contemporary purple damask wallpaper,  curating the pieces to help her clients achieve these enviable spaces.

“As a designer I am in and out of homes across the Denver metro area stretching into the foothills and Boulder. But, Washington Park is one of those landmark neighborhoods that anytime I catch a new project lead, it immediately boosts my spirits. The history, the character and all around neighborhood charm get my inspiration stirring.” says Ashley.

There is a surplus of vintage homes in Wash Park that are changing hands and becoming a beacon of opportunity for young families to design their own vision of “home.” A good designer prides themselves in building personal relationships with their clients and forming a foundation of design that can grow and develop over time. “Whether it’s your forever home or just someplace to temporarily hang your hat, everyone deserves a space that reflects their sense of being, with unexpected elements that give a glimpse into character and sense of humor,” says Ashley.

Your home should be a reflection of you and things that make you happy. Whether that’s 14, perfectly placed, decorative pillows on the bed or a fully remodeled basement big enough for that deep seat leather sofa, ideal for Netflix marathons on Saturday with the dogs; A thoughtful designer is willing to understand you and help navigate your ideal space rather than push what’s trending on your Pinterest feed or latest Pottery Barn cover page; unless of course, that’s what makes you feel at home.

If you ask Ashley what she loves about design, it is a tailored approach to her client’s lifestyles with the idea of function front and center; or as Ashley puts it, “Interior Design with Purpose. It’s easy to have style OR function. But, for me, to curate a space so it not only is beautiful but reflects energy back and functions for a maintainable way of life, that’s the sweet spot of design. Every homeowner is different and if a designer takes the time to understand a  homeowner’s needs they are able to offer something greater than standard design services,” says Ashley.

Ashley graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado, in 2006, with a BA of Arts in Interior Design. To learn more about her services visit and follow along with her adventures on facebook Ballard Design Studio and instagram Inspired Ashley.