My very first interaction with EllynAnne Geisel was over the phone. I was immediately drawn to her cheery southern accent, reminiscent of my relatives in Nashville. She was inviting me to see her exhibition at History Colorado, Apron Chronicles – A Patchwork of American Recollections. I accepted not knowing a thing about this show, nor the adorable southern curator behind the operation. EllynAnne can’t be more than 5’ tall with long flowing white hair, and wide smiling eyes, her energy filled the enormous space. I walked in and was mesmerized by the modern neon sign reading Ties That Bind Us. It was a beautiful contrast to the lines of vintage aprons that were lovingly displayed around the room. The real gift was learning about EllynAnne’s purpose and inspiration for starting this show in 2005. She instinctively knew that other homemakers who found themselves as empty-nesters, had a story to tell. Little did she know that this would take her down a path of extreme connectivity.

Its primary focus was to transport us to a simpler time.  

Today, as we contemplate how to move forward from a turbulent and disrupted present, Apron Chronicles gives us the opportunity not to escape reality but to see it in a different light. You will hear stories lined with themes of hope, connection, survival, achievement, regret, and liberation, as told from the healing perspective.

Apron Chronicles features photography, personal narratives, and one-of-a-kind aprons. While the storytellers’ recollections were each prompted by an apron, they’re not about fabric. Sharing a depth of emotion and social complexity both intimately personal and universally relatable, the exhibit reminds us of our place in this story together. History Colorado is the final stop in the Apron Chronicles’ sixteen-year journey. So please be sure to see it before it’s gone (details on our event page).   

Your neighbors, 

Sam and Shaleen DeStefano