“She scoured the Earth, wandering and ravenous, looking for doors. And she found them in abandoned churches and the salt-rimmed walls of caves, in graveyards and behind fluttering curtains in foreign markets. She found so many her imagining of the world grew lacy and tattered with holes.” – Alix E. Harrow

We are all in for finding new doors in 2021. It’s funny how the start of every new year holds the weight of so much promise. Just like a blank canvas, you will do anything to not muck it up. But if we’re honest with ourselves, the narrative of blaming dark moments on a year, is boring. With this being said, it’s also probably not a great idea to look at 2021 as a restart. But rather an opportunity to keep evolving. If 

you’re living life right, you are in a constant state of evolution. If we learn from our mistakes, set boundaries, and voice our intentions, then we’re off to a pretty good start. There will be more dark moments, but we simply need to lean into these moments so they become the tools we needed to grow. At the end of the day, we hang on to hope and our wish for the new year is more togetherness with the ones we love. You just wait, there will be so many hugs. It’s gonna get awkward.

Happy New Year!

Your neighbors, 

Sam & Shaleen DeStefano