MAY 14-30 – Next Gallery

Next Gallery is pleased to present Georgia Padilla, “Courage Over Comfort.”  The Exhibition: Courage Over Comfort is the mantra I made for myself during a Brene Brown therapy group. My work emphasizes the importance of ending the stigma around mental illness, and the suffering we endure in silence. I use images to invoke strong raw emotions and somatic responses from the body to validate that we are connected to each other through our stories; even when they differ. We are not alone. This show embraces the vulnerability and the courage for me to step into the arena and show the raw struggles I deal with in private and how it might present itself to the public or others around me. I use curtains as a metaphor to the unveiling of my private struggles while the public pieces are uniformed and exposed to the viewer. This interactive display of public vs. private will give the viewers a deeper more intimate view into my daily struggles and inner darkness. Let’s start the conversation- It’s okay not to be okay. Gallery hours are Fri 6-10 pm, Sat 12-5 pm, Sun 12-5 pm.