Upon entering their shop, you immediately feel as though you have stumbled upon a beautiful French woman’s apartment. This woman is a creator, designer and collector who loves to style others. She is careful, cultivated, creative and old world wise…she is your best friend. In short, you kind of never want to leave.

cons2This new space at 234 Broadway embodies the vision of the mother-daughter duo, Betsy and Meg. In their past lives, Betsy was a wedding photographer, freelanced for a local magazine and at one point was an interior design retail buyer. Meg co-owned a small local terrarium company, is a classically trained French chef and was once a visual artist/buyer. But what outweighed these career choices was their love for one another, their desire to work for themselves and a dream of making this boutique a reality. The passionate combination of the two creators is  inventive, unusual, quirky and has an aged European feel.

The collection of this lifestyle boutique was carefully selected by both and is a reflection of some rather extraordinary people from all over. For example, they have small batch candles from Michigan, plant and mineral based skincare, as well as soft gorgeous throws made in NY. You can’t miss the hand-sewn canvas bags with a vintage feel from New England or the small batch perfumes from across the pond. Their plants and terrariums have been collected by a small local company.

cons3Conservatrice sets itself apart from the rest with their  incredibly unique florals that are designed with a quirky old-world eclectic feel. They source their flowers from a small family-run local grow house.

Whether you’re in search of a delicate glass goblet or a kitchy kissing salt and pepper shaker, the gift selection of foraged objects is ever changing and carefully curated.

You can find a one-of-a-kind sweater to pair with any of their delicate accessories for yourself or a box of chocolates or a vintage vase filled with posies and handmade soap for a friend. Take in all of their vintage collections, funky modern clothing, classy handbags and don’t forget to take advantage of their full floral services. You most likely won’t be leaving Conservatrice without a new treasure.  In fact, you may find that it is your new zen space.

cons4“There is a significant artfulness that age brings to modern day life. Too much haste and waste and too little focus on what really matters. We believe the grace of style is timeless and subjective. We believe you should live your life with a focus on the minute. A glimmer of a baby’s smile, the first sip of a fine wine, the feeling of silk against your shoulder. A soulful honoring of class and tastefulness. Welcome, make yourself at home.” Betsy and Meg.

You can visit Conservatrice online at: www.conservatrice.com